Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lauren Tweedie @ Cape Point Vineyards

Firstly- I am horrific at updating this blog. Why? Well because I am lazy, and I get enough work anyway ...
um....also because I would much rather be painting faces, which is one of  my passions,  than sitting behind a computer...
I also battle to update my blog from my iPad so I end up posting all my pics on my Facebook page instead - yup! true story. Please also check out my Facebook page

 That said - when your client tells you your blog is TERRIBLE then you know you have to do something about it!

I probably also need to STOP posting cell phone pics but this one of Lauren Tweedie below was just to gorgeous to not! Cell phone pics don't look as professional as PRO pics of course, however, sometimes the professional pictures are touched up quite a bit and then how can one see if the makeup artist is any good or not?
This pic of Lauren below was snapped with my Iphone and there is absolutely no re touches whatsoever! I promise to post the pro pics soon though! (he he he)

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