Monday, June 23, 2014

Jezamae - gorgeous 2014 bride

I had the pleasure of posting Jezamaes trial pic up here are the professional photos. I did both hair and makeup on this one. Stunning girl and awesome person to spend the day working with......

Lorna Dunk - Simonstown

I enjoyed working on Lorna! I popped a small 'donut'  into her hair to give it a bit more volume .....
I get these now from Either Clicks or Dischem ....(very exciting as these weren't so readily available before!) and then I worked the little side bun around it! What do you think? Loved her elegant dress too ...o la la.....

PS. Don't you think her hubby looks like Antonio Banderos?

Natalia at Nooitgedaght - with photography by Kathryn Van Eck

Natalia rocked that tiara! Nooitgedaght is also possibly one of my favorite venues... Big trees and lots of squirrels and a lovely relaxed vibe.... and they really turn the reception hall into a magical feast for the eyes complete with fairy lights and loads of ambience..... Love it!

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Beautiful Jennifer at Webersburg!

If I could sum up Jens "look" i would have to say LASHES! 

Jen had the individual lash extensions applied by a pro and then I ADDED to these with my own individual false lashes!

Beautiful girl and a beautiful face to work on! Chuffed with these pics!

PS!  I did not do Jens hair the lovely and talented Jeanette Genis did! Looked great!