Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Babylonstoren - Nicola and Corne

One of my favourite girl photographers, Lauren Kriedemann,  captured these beautiful images of Nicola. Babylonstoren is really a stunning venue! Lots of animals (we saw squirrels and donkeys and tortoises and ducks to name but a few!) and everything in the rooms is gorgeously white and clean and bright!I don't know too much about photography- but I am guessing that it must be lovely for a photographer to work with that kind of lighting?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

...the rest of Louises pics...

and here are the rest of Louise Daubentons pics.... please feel free to click on image to enlarge it if you want a better look! 

Recommendation - Leatia Stemmet

I feel a bit dumb putting up recommendations sometimes- as they are quite personal too. But it's nice for potential clients to see that no effort is too much. I would honestly probably have sleepless nights if I thought a bride wasn't happy.

This is a wonderful recommendation from a truly gorgeous bride inside and out. I am going to find out the photographers name as would like to post his name. Wonderful pics!

Recommendation- Leatia Stemmet

"I wanted to wait to get my photos before I send this mail, and have attached
some for you. Now, to plan a wedding is nothing short of exciting, scary,
intimidating, and exhilarating! In this process you need people who you can
trust implicitly, and I needed you to know that I would recommend you to any
and everybody!!! Your skills as a make-up artist is exceptional, and even
though you claim to not be as comfortable with hair, trust me, you are
better than any hair stylist I have ever come across. You managed to keep me
calm, not only on the day, but ever since our first contact. You were
available to me, always reassuring me, offering me help and assistance
whenever I needed it. I trusted in your judgment implicitly, and felt
completely assured that you will make me feel like a princess on my big day.
And I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world, thanks to you!!!!! You
were professional and focused, which made me feel reassured, yet also
approachable and open to my needs, which made me feel important and heard.
The skill with which you did my make-up and hair is phenomenal, and I am so
incredibly grateful that I found you!!!

My entire bridal party agreed that the four of you were heaven sent. Thank
you also for recommending the other 3 artists, they were fantastic. I was so
overwhelmed and busy on the day that I did not keep track of who did whose
make-up (except for you), but there was not one single complaint. The girls
and my mom told me time and time again how beautiful they felt, and the
guests agreed!!! You can recommend them for sure.

I wish I could find the words to thank you, for you were one of the main
reasons that my day was absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!! "


Kath and Mads got married in Greyton. Kath wanted very natural makeup- she really didn't need alot of makeup to look gorgeous. She didn"t want stiff hair either so I just curled it and clipped it to the side. Voila!