Monday, July 16, 2012

Merlene Joy - 30th Birthday party

It is always nerve wracking to paint a fellow makeup artists face! Altho I have worked on Merlene before ( I did her makeup for her wedding a few years back) I did chew off one or two of my nails before she arrived....he he.. I just also want to say that I think it must be literally IMPOSSIBLE to choose a makeup artist for your BIG day (and there are alot of good makeup artists out there) when most of the time the blogs or websites that you will look at have such photoshopped images that it must be clean impossible to see what an artist is capable of? Needless to say - I took this pic with my Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone and it hasn't been touched up in any way! Merlene does have amazing skin though - also proof how much good skin helps. Just saying!