Friday, July 22, 2011

Makeup No- No's

                                                FAUX PAS TO AVOID…

Here are 5 common beauty mistakes that even our celebrity friends sometimes commit! Heinous crimes of make-up no-no’s……lets take a look…

                   1. Getting overly enthusiastic with the tweezers.

  •  Over- plucked eye-brows give one a ‘surprised’ look, and are definitely not sexy! They are waaaaaaaay old school! According to celebrity make-up artist, Fiona Stiles, you need to grow back your brows before trying to rectify them. She says: “You need to let your eye-brows grow back – all of them!" This is one of the most difficult beauty dilemmas, because it is so tempting to clean up all of the new hairs growing in, but you have to let them all grow back in to really see which brow shape will best compliment your face.

  •  Fill in brows in the meantime with an angle brush from M.A.C, brush number # 263 will do, and an eye-shadow that best suits your hair colour. When your brows have grown back sufficiently, go to a professional to have them plucked correctly. That way your brows will be the correct shape and you can always maintain them yourself from then on.

P.S. Be careful of plucking them yourself! I used to do this and an ex-boyfriend once pointed  how out how skew my eye-brows where and this was because I frowned from the pain when plucking my brows, and therefore had two different shaped brows! It’s not always easy to see for yourself how they should look!

                                     2. Visible foundation lines

  • Your foundation should match your skin so that you only need to take it as far as your jaw-line and not all the way down your neck. That would just get all over your collar and make a big mess.

  • Bear in mind that while most of us wear sun-block on our faces everyday( and if you don’t you should!) we don’t always wear sun-block on the rest of our bodies everyday, so if your face is paler than your neck or arms, then your foundation should be slightly darker than your face to help tie your face in with the rest of your slightly darker body. Make sense?

  •  You could also use a bronzer on your face and neck to combat this problem. This will warm up your face.

  •  One thing to also remember is that your skin changes from winter to summer, so you should always have at least two different foundation colours that you can mix to alleviate this.

                                          3. Too much make-up!


  •  Nothing is more aging than make-up overload!
    If you are doing a dark, sultry smoky eye then focus on that. Choose one feature that you want to highlight i.e., eyes or lips or even skin, and focus on that

  • Therefore, if you doing a sexy red Marilyn Monroe pout, take it easy on the eye make-up. Opt for neutral creamy shadows or a bit of natural brown shadow to frame slightly, but keep it light. Black liquid liner, however, looks good with red lips for an evening out. In that case, do a smooth clean black line on the upper lid and keep the bottom free from colour

  •  For sooty dark eyes, keep the focus on your peepers and do a neutral, pale lip……You can still frame the lip with a natural liner but keep it soft and gorgeous so that when some-one looks at you they are not confused as to where to look. Paintings even have a focal point so that the viewer is drawn to the main idea of the picture. The same applies to your face when applying make-up!Accentuate one feature at a time. This is the key.

                                     4. Clumpy eye-lashes

  •  Got thick, chunky or ‘gooey’ lashes? Do you want pretty, heart stopping, flutter perfect lashes? Then follow these simple steps!
  1. Layer your mascara. When applying mascara, wipe off excess product onto a tissue   before      putting it directly onto your lashes.
2. Start at the base or root. Go from the root of your lashes, and wiggle brush through to the ends…

 3. Use an eye-lash comb. Comb lashes expertly with a little eye-lash comb or brush. On a budget? Then shampoo an old mascara wand and use that to comb off any excess product.

4.  REPEAT STEPS 1 – 4 !

P.S. Also replace your mascara regularly. Old or dry mascara is not going to deliver a gorgeous sexy eye-lash, AND it can infect your eyes

Oh ja..... Not sure if your mascara is still ok? Do this simple test: sniff your mascara wand. Yes, you heard me, take a whiff! If it in any way doesn’t smell like it did when you first bought it, chuck it!

                                      5. Blend, Blend, Blend!

  •  When make-up isn’t blended properly, be it foundation, blusher, lip liner or even eye-shadows, it’s not going to look soft and beautiful but rather harsh and unprofessional.

  •  In order to blend expertly, you will need the correct tools. If you where an artist do you think you would be able to paint a work of art with your fingers or with an ear bud? NO! Likewise with the art of make-up application! Invest in some decent ‘tools’ as it where…..decent brushes!

  •  Foundation can be applied with a sponge or brush. That’s up to you. Bear in mind that a sponge may absorb quite a bit of your products, whereas a foundation brush won’t! Foundation brushes are mostly synthetic and therefore don’t absorb as much as a sponge would

  •  Eye shadow too! Use soft, round fluffy brushes to soften and blend your eye-shadow. A # 217 brush from M.A.C is an excellent investment, and also the # 239 brush which can be used for blending and application as is a bit firmer. The more you blend your eyeshadow and work it into the skin, the longer it lasts too!

  • Hard, angled blusher is aging and old-fashioned. Create a soft beautiful look with a soft bristled blusher brush, and don’t forget to blend!

        Remember : Blending is the key to a flawless face!