Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red Hot!

                                     Hey guys!

Alot of people like something a little different for their weddings! Red lips can look smokin' hot if the correct colour red is used and also if it is carefully applied to ensure it lasts! Here is some Red Hot advice and a little face chart I drew up to help you visualize what it can look like!
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1. As you can see from the face chart – it’s important to keep the rest of your makeup simple. There is nothing worse than having thick foundation, heavy eye makeup AND then bright red lips as well! Too OTT dahling!!

2. A simple black liquid liner looks fabu-liscious with a smoking bright red lip! One can also apply a light bone or cream coloured eye shadow on the upper lid. Highlight with some light coloured shimmery eye shadow just under the brow bone too for some added bling!

3. Keep foundation neat and smooth – bronzer can replace blusher if you want to avoid any heavy coloured cheeks. Remember to apply your bronzer in the shape of a ‘3’ getting some on the forehead, then sweeping it onto your upper cheeks and following through onto your chin line. As if you where drawing the number ‘3’on your face in one easy slow motion.

4. Brunettes can wear black liner and mascara – and blondes can opt for dark brown mascara for a less severe day-look.

5. Always line your lips before applying red lipstick to hold the colour and to prevent bleeding of the lipstick. One can use a neutral lip liner and colour your whole lip in before applying your red lipstick. Alternatively - one can line your lips neatly with a red lip liner if you have one in the same colour and I would suggest still colouring the whole lip in with the liner. It helps the lipstick to stay on.

6. Now - most importantly - Staying Power! Your lipstick should firstly be applied with a lip brush. This way you are working the colour into your lips and it will stay on longer. Be careful to fill in all the corners for a full, red pout! Then take a tissue and divide it into 1ply. Then blot your lips with it. Re - apply lipstick with your brush, then blot again and apply lipstick one more time. This takes out some of the moisture from the lipstick and helps to stain the colour onto your lips.

7. Matte lipsticks will last longer on your lips than your more glossy variety. So if you have trouble with the blotting technique mentioned above, try one of the more matte lipsticks on the market.

8. Very thin lips should steer clear of very dark or bright colours- one can rather emphasize your pretty eyes or great skin. If you must wear a dark lip or a bright red lip, try putting a small amount of shimmery gloss just in the centre of your bottom lip. The shimmer will reflect light and give the illusion of your lips being bigger than they actually are.

9. Pale skins should opt for reds with a more pinky/blue undertone to show off their milky complexions.

10. For our olive skinned counterparts, they can try warmer reds with more orange in them.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helouise's mum! ( April 2nd Brides mum)

A true lady in red! Just beautiful! ( and a nice person too!)


Lizelle Lotter took this stunning photos of my April 2nd  2011 bride...I put up two separate pics of Helouise's mum just because I think she looked so stunning!Once again- these two where such a pleasure to do hair and makeup on. I'm very lucky because I mostly only have super brides! ( touch wood!) Makes me enjoy my job so much more:)