Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marlize Jacobs -12th March @ at Clouds Estate

It was a beautiful sunny day and Marlize was a truly radiant bride. It was my first time working with these photographers from Melkbos and the pictures are really beautiful! (Hair and makeup by myself)

Peter and Tanya at The Shorehouse in Jakkalsfontein - West Coast

Another intimate wedding superbly executed by Kate at Weddings concepts. Beautiful setting at the Shorehouse and gorgeous pictures by Christine Meintjies.
(Hair and makeup by myself)

Donna Claire Advertorial

Globetrotter and sought after Dutch plus size model Danielle Van Grondelle and South African plus size model Kehilwe Nakedi are a blast to work with! Styling and conceptualization by Zulita Hanssen of Foschini, makeup by myself, hair by Ms. Fiona Gentry and photography by Patrick Ryan. Working with this bunch is always a pleasure xx

Check out behind the scenes action at  http://www.donnaclaire.co.za/BehindTheScene.aspx

Local Band Die Heuwels Fantasties shoots at Tokara in Stellenbosch with the uber talented photographer/producer Sean Metelerkamp.

Its not every day that I get to paint muso's lips..I was hoping for free tickets to their next gig...pretty please? ;)

Natural Medicine Shoot

Thanks to my agency (http://www.birdonawire.co.za/ ) I have been lucky to have a few exciting jobs that are not weddings! Damn - I do love weddings, but it's fun to do some different work!( I have the prospect of climbing Devils Peak before sunrise for a shoot in April-  I will probably wheeze my way up there!)Anyhoo.... Here is my first cover!! Hair and makeup! Woo hoo!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cindy February 12th at Monkey Valley

Photographer, Melissa Van Zyl did a sterling job of capturing Cindy's warmth and beauty! I really enjoyed doing Cindy's hair and makeup too! Take a look!

Video of Brionne and Andrew - 26 February bride

Brionne and Andrew got married in Riebeck Wes in February! Can you spell HOT?! Their photographers the brilliant "picmephotography" team made up of Hannie and Sean, made a little music video of them....I just love it!
Brionne was a perfect bride to make up and we all had an awesome day making them look all look beautiful!

Take a look!